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Veritas layed Volume Mirroring

Created: 20 Jul 2011 • Updated: 01 Aug 2011 | 1 comment
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I am confused to see vxprint  out for a volume. It seems it is a layred volume.

v  lonwork      -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   157286400 SELECT   -        fsgen
pl lonwork-04   lonwork      ENABLED  ACTIVE   157286400 CONCAT   -        RW
sv lonwork-S01  lonwork-04   lonwork-L01 1     104857600 0        3/3      ENA
v2 lonwork-L01  -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   104857600 SELECT   -        fsgen
p2 lonwork-P01  lonwork-L01  ENABLED  ACTIVE   LOGONLY  CONCAT    -        RW
s2 lonsrvdg-06C6m-02 lonwork-P01 lonsrvdg-06C6m 52428800 1056 LOG HDS9980V1_11 ENA
p2 lonwork-P02  lonwork-L01  ENABLED  ACTIVE   104857600 CONCAT   -        RW
s2 lonsrvdg-06C5m-03 lonwork-P02 lonsrvdg-06C5m 1056 104857600 0  HDS9980V1_12 ENA
p2 lonwork-P03  lonwork-L01  ENABLED  ACTIVE   104857600 CONCAT   -        RW
s2 lonsrvdg-06C5p-02 lonwork-P03 lonsrvdg-06C5p 0 104857600 0     HDS9980V0_12 ENA
sv lonwork-S02  lonwork-04   lonwork-L02 1     52428800 104857600 3/3      ENA
v2 lonwork-L02  -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   52428800 SELECT    -        fsgen
p2 lonwork-P04  lonwork-L02  ENABLED  ACTIVE   LOGONLY  CONCAT    -        RW
s2 lonsrvdg-06C6m-03 lonwork-P04 lonsrvdg-06C6m 52429856 528 LOG  HDS9980V1_11 ENA
p2 lonwork-P05  lonwork-L02  ENABLED  ACTIVE   52428800 CONCAT    -        RW
s2 lonsrvdg-06C6m-04 lonwork-P05 lonsrvdg-06C6m 0 52428800 0      HDS9980V1_11 ENA
p2 lonwork-P06  lonwork-L02  ENABLED  ACTIVE   52428800 CONCAT    -        RW
s2 lonsrvdg-06C6p-02 lonwork-P06 lonsrvdg-06C6p 0 52428800 0      HDS9980V0_11 ENA

I need to mirror this volume with anoher storage LUN which is visible now and sfter that need to remove old storage to move this server in ned DC.

Can anybody tell me How can It be possible for layred volume.

Above is the vxprint output. I need to mirror this volume with new set of SAN disks and then remove this.


Pradeep Rajput

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mikebounds's picture

If you want volume to remain layered then:

Add mirror on new disks (you can add 2 mirrors if you want 2 plexes on new storage as you currently have 2 plexes on old storage).  Example:

 vxassist -g lonhrmdg  mirror u02 list_of_new_disks

Then remove 2 plexes from old storage:

 vxassist -g lonhrmdg remove mirror u02 !lonsrvdg-06C5m !lonsrvdg-06C6m
vxassist -g lonhrmdg remove mirror u02 !lonsrvdg-06C5p !lonsrvdg-06C6 p

The "!" may get interpreted by the shell, in which case you will need to precede them with a "\"

If you don't want volume to be layered, then I would convert it first.  This should be really quick as it is not moving data like a relayout operation, it is just changing the logical structure.  To convert use:

 vxassist -g lonhrmdg convert u02 layout=mirror-concat

Then mirror and remove old plexes as shown for layered volume.

You will also need to move DRL so use:

 vxassist -g lonhrmdg remove log u02 
vxassist -g lonhrmdg addlog u02 new_disk



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