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Veritas Operations Manager 6.0: Support for near real-time (NRT) update of VMware virtual machine states

Created: 23 Jan 2014 • Updated: 23 Jan 2014
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The near real-time update feature automatically monitors the state of a VMware virtual machine in a Veritas Operations Manager Management Server domain. When a VMware virtual machine's state changes, the managing VMware vCenter Server generates a corresponding SNMP trap. The SNMP trap contains the information about the virtual machine’s state.

From the Management Server side, the xtrapd daemon detects the SNMP trap, updates the virtual machine’s record in the Veritas Operations Manager database. Subsequently, the Management Server console is updated with the latest state of the virtual machine.

For more information on the near real-time update feature, see:

To use this feature, you need to:

  • Configure the Management Server as the SNMP trap receiver in the VMware vCenter Server.
  • Add the VMware vCenter Server to the Management Server. After you add the VMware vCenter Server to the Management Server, the xtrapd daemon starts accepting SNMP traps from the specified VMware vCenter Server.

To learn more about configuring the VMware vCenter Server and the Management Server, see:

Ensure that you configure the VMware vCenter Server and Management Server in the same domain and that you use VMware vCenter Server version 4.x or 5.x.

By default, the near real-time update of the virtual machines is enabled. To disable it, you need to remove Management Server as the SNMP receiver in the VMware vCenter Server.

For more information, see:

Storage Foundation and High Availability and Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.

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