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Veritas Operations Manager with hadware cloned luns

Created: 17 Nov 2013 | 2 comments
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I am running Veritas Operations Manager on the NetBackup master server in the data center.

For offline backup we use EMC clone of the production LUNs which we then import to he backup server.

I tried to map the LUNs of the production volumes but VOM keeps displaying the UDIDs of the clone copy whether it is imported to the backup server or even when I deport them.

Is there a way (even CLI) to get the list of all volumes of the production server and their UUID or lun name as seen by the storage (EMC VNX 5300)

Please advise

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Hi Efflko,

Can you share some screenshot of the VOM from where you are trying to MAP the LUN ? This will help me guide you further on how to  identify the production LUN from Cloned.



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On the CLI: vxdisk -v list <disk name> | egrep  'udid:|udid_asl'  will show both udids