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Verknüpfen von Backupjobs/Richtlinien

Created: 24 Jul 2013 | 8 comments


ich sichere z.Zt. in einem Backupjob mehrere Quellen u.a. auch SQL-Server Datenbanken die auf "Full Recovery Mode" gesetzt sind.

Laut diesem Dokument "  , Abschnitt 3" soll beim sichern dieser DBs die Benutzung der AOF abgeschaltet werden.

Leider ist es nicht möglich, in einer Richtlinie unterschiedliche Settings für die Quellen ( z.B. Fileserver, SQL-Server DBs .. ) zu setzen.

Grundsätzlich sollte der o.g. Job mit AOF laufen, mit Ausnahme der Sicherung der SQL-DBs.

Ich habe versucht, in der entsprechenden Richtlinie, über das Verknüpfen ( Regel ) von zwei Backupvorlagen ( Vorlage A und Vorlage B ) das Problem zu lösen. Hier scheitert es aber daran, daß ich einer weiteren Vorlage keine andere Auswahlliste zuordnen kann. Erschwerend kommt hinzu, daß das Scheduling nicht von Vorlage A übernommen werden kann.

Leider stecke ich an dieser Stelle fest. hat jemand dazu eine Idee ?



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Jaydeep S's picture

Are you using BE 2012 or BE 2010. I am not sure at what point exactly are you stuck. You could try to post a screenshot in addition for us to help you better.

Also, the link that you have posted has been authored by a very capable Trusted Advisor. You could also contact him directly via Direct Message or post on that link if you have any doubts and he will surely help you.

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You have to set up 2 set of jobs, one with AOF on to backup your files and another with AOF off to backup your SQL databases.

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@Jaydeep S

I'm using BE2010R3. The Dokument was just a hint for me, that I should'nt use AOF with SQL-DB Backups.


well, this is what I'm not like to do, because the Data should be applied to one Media.

What I like to do is, doing a Backup( Job1 ) to Tape1 with AOF enabled. After this is done, do another Backup (Job2) to the same Tape directly after Job1 without AOF.


The Problem here, I can't add a Selectionlist to the "SQL" Template.

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A policy can only accept 1 selection list at one time.  If you have two templates which requires separate selection lists, then you must create 2 policies.  There is no way around this.

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If you are worried about not being able to backup to the same media then you could setup the second policy with a Append to Media Setting and ensuring that it is targated to the same media set that the other policy uses. Also, the start time on this policy would be a minute after the other policy jobs.

LaDaDi's picture

Thank you both.

I'll try it, but it is not smart. Not because of the new, separate Policy, but because all the Scheduled Dates, which must be applied to the new one as in the original one.

is there a way around this ? I can't find a way to copy ( not to another Server ) a Policy to take over the Sched.

Jaydeep S's picture

You could right click on the policy and perform copy to the same media server. Later rename it and make the changes to AOFO and schedule settings.