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Version 7.1 Load-balancing process for CMS in hierarchy

Created: 07 May 2011

I need to set up a load-balancing process for a multi-CMS hierarchy we are in the process of building.  We have two child servers and a parent server in a 1x2 with about 18,000 clients for the near term, but will have about 40,000 clients reporting to the parent eventually. 

At some point in the future we will have a 1x4 hiearchy as we hook Europe into the North American management infrastructure (they are v7.0 currently, but will be migrating to v7.1 this year or early next year).

Here is a rough outline of what I'm thinking:

Using a real-time lookup, check the parent server to see which NS the client is pointed to.  If a single record is found, point the client back to its parent.

If multiple records are found, sort it on some sort of criteria using another lookup to get the GUID(s) stored on the parent NS (oldest or newest record, swd execution records, etc), and point the client to the appropriate NS.

I'd like to have some sort of automated way to purge the invalid record on both the parent and child if the client has a record on both child servers.

My vision is a web service that takes as an argument the asset tag of the device (we set these in the BIOS during imaging) and all are unique and generated externally) and returns a child server name.  I am not, however, a web programmer.  I do have over ten years experience with vbscript, so I'll do it that way if need be. 

We will not have workflow solution standing in time, so that isn't an option at the moment.

About 100 systems a month get re-imaged, and we have a vendor imaging over 500 devices a month to replace lease-ending devices and shipping them directly to hundreds of branches in the field.  That remote DS does not currently have a direct connection to any of the NS's.

Anyone see anything that would be a good thing to add, or have a similar process they can share?