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Created: 31 Mar 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 15 comments
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I am attemping to install Antivirus Corporate Edition Version !0.X on 2 new HP Laptops.  The laptops are Vista Business with a downgrade to XP Pro.  In attempting the install, both computers recieve a version not supported message.   Is anyone else having this problem with a Vista downgraded PC??

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Symantec Antivirus install comes in many flavors

Which install package are you using?

It sounds to me that your are trying to install a 64bit install package or vice versa to 32bit OS.

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The other thing toi consider is that there are 2 SAV versions/branches.
One for Vista (10.2.X) and for the rest of the systems (10.1.X, 10.1.8 is the newest ATM).

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I have tried both 10.1X and 10.2X versions.  The systems are 32 bit.  Both versions yied the same answer.

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how do you try to install this? push from server or from cd?

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I am using CDs.  I suspect the problem is in downgrading the laptops.

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Can you try to run setup.exe directly from CD without using the autorun feature. I saw similar behaviour few times.

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Were they actually downgraded, or wiped and a clean install?
I never "downgrade" nor would i ever in a millin years consider an upgrade. It's ALWAYS wipe and install from scratch. Just too many really really bad things happen when you install any OS over another.
Vista and Xp both come in 32 and 64bit flavors.
I wonder if the "downgrade" caused some issues - such as some registry keys not being changed and that's being seen by the install.

My advice to anyone looking in - never ever upgrade, never ever downgrade. Always format and install fresh. Doing anything else means you inherit alll and any issues that existed before the upgrade/downgrade, not to mention some keys do not get changed and it simply causes a slower computer and confusion with file versions and registry keys. IT's just plain bad advice to upgrade over the top or downgrade.

Wipe - format, whatever, but don't pop in a CD/DVD and install over the top of an OS.

I've been at this since about 1986 and no good ever comes from it, usually bad.

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Mr. Papa:
I cannot say what actually happened to the 2 laptops.  They are 2 new HP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC s. The PCs came with a factory downgrade and of course HP has no clue how it was done. 

Papa, I have bee doing this work for many years as you and have never ever just slid the disk in and let it run.

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Not accusing - sorry if it looked.......... just letting others who may just lurk or read here and there - it's not a good practice.
I also deal with HP and also don't know what their "downgrade" statement means. I suspect it's  a sales or marketing term to mean you are not getting the latest and greatest, but chose an older OS.
I would HOPE that they do install XP fresh! Otherwise.........

Also interesting - we've JUST ordered 2 6730b with the XP downgrade ourselves! Wow, I get to try it myself in a few days when they arrive, and see what happens. Ironic!

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Yeah, That happens lot of times. You gotta run the msi inside to install it.

De facto when AV does something, it starts jumping up and down, waving its arms, and shouting...

"Hey!  I found a virus!  Look at me!  I'm soooo goooood!"

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I'll try it that way tomarrow and let you all know!

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We have all our new laptop with this feature "Vista Business with a downgrade to XP Pro"

But it is only the license that is downgraded to XP the machines are cleanly installed from wipe. As far as I know there is now such option to actually downgrade the OS software. It has only to do with the way the pc is prepped before it is shipped now that they no longer provide the rescue cd/dvd's

I do not know how it works for 6730b but for our 6910p we could choose the OS (XP or Vista) during the first boot of the machine. Then it installs itself (image based install) after this you can burn your own rescue cd's but they will only rescue the current installed OS. That is why I always take an image of the disk before I boot it for the first time so that I can always go back to the "first boot" scenario if I ever need it.

 I would guess it is the same for you (not really a software downgrade)

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>>That is why I always take an image of the disk before I boot it for the first time <<

YES! Same here. We get a new notebook or desktop from HP, I take a Ghost image of it before we do anything else.
I think Maximilian is right on the "downgrade" definition.

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Ok old (hardcore:)) guys:
My old guys toy trumps your toy.  My antique, is faster than yours and we are getting way off the point!
Neither 10.1 or 10.2 will install on a downgraded PC.  We all know 11.X sucks and tha it appears Symantec has lost its way.  but the question remains how do I get around the installation problem?