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Very good Servicedesk 7.1 installation manual/ Ótimo manual de instalação do Servicedesk 7.1

Created: 04 Dec 2012 • Updated: 07 Dec 2012 | 2 comments
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Very good serviceDesk installation or upgrade manual.

Look the attachment!

Bruno Bacelar



Ótimo manual do servicedesk para instalação ou upgrade.

Veja em anexo!

Bruno Bacelar

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It seems to be based on a slightly older Workflow version, likely 7.1 vanilla.

Frankly at this point, unless you have a good reason for running 7.1 with out without SP1/SP2 (existing system, existing customizations), you will want to be installing ServiceDesk 7.5 :)

Added notes are confusing or misleading at times. I have some of my own notes on the document (page numbers are PDF page number as in-document pages miss a few):

Page 2: VERY IMPORTANT-The difference is that the Service Account is the one that you will be using going forward as your Administrator Login ID
Service Account is purely for the Symantec Workflow Service and Application Pools to use.

Page 14: Reboot the server. STOP REBOOT the server to reset security rights.
I would say restarting IIS is just fine, there is no need to reboot the server..

Page 15: In my case this was my SQL server that only does Service Desk and Workflow.
Strongly discouraged practise.

Page 15: While you’re on the SMP server add the service account or Installation account that will be used in Step 33 to the Symantec Administrator account.
You need to add the Service Account to Symantec Administrators. Installation account does not need this.

Page 18: 34A - If you want to upgrade your existing SD7.0 install this is where you put in the path to the restored Ensemble 7.0 DB. Symantec does not recommend this. They suggest doing a clean install and migrate incidents and workflows after install
In-place upgrade will work for 7.1 and 7.1 SP1 but is not supported (and won't work) for 7.1 SP2.

Page 20: The Install will fail if this is not done! You will have to detach and delete the DB tables to clear this. Plus Start over.
Slight possibility, but mostly it will just mean running the Workflow part of install again. Most likely the installation will fail with the error message about failing to create SQL login and will run just fine when started again.

Page 21: NOTE: At the time of this document, changing the Administrator Login password or name will result in a failed installation.
I have actually not seen this happen in 7.1. We had reports of this happening and changing the admin user login was disabled in 7.1 installers. I have installed ServiceDesk a large number of times and set the Admin User password to something different and have encountered no problems.

Page 21: NOTE: At the time of this document, selecting Active Directory for the authentication type may cause the installation to fail.
Correct. The simple reason is that ServiceDesk installer didn't take into account the time that it would take to sync with an average AD. Often enough it times out before the sync is complete, failing the installation.

Page 29: In my environment I had to put in the IP of the local SQL server- where Service desk was being installed- as it was not seeing the FQDM Name
Both ServiceDesk Server name and the Workflow BaseURL earlier should be set to the address users will be using to access ServiceDesk as the URLs in links will be based off these variables and changing all the settings based on these is a convoluted process.