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Very low network backup with DLO agent

Created: 14 Dec 2010


We are testing DLO solution. Two sites (linked by 10Mbps link) with a media server in each, one central admin server.

Central site has DLO configured and one backup location, branch site has a backup location and maintenance server.

When we run backup (to network only) in laptops, speed is very low (around 600MB per HOUR!!). We have disabled bandwidth limit and yield function without difference.

Curiously, if we restore backup data, speed is as expected (10-50 MB/sec).

Speed is low copying in central site to central location and in branch site to branch location.

Other test was: start backup of a big file. Suspend. Start again. First seconds speed is right, but after a few seconds speeds is very poor (KB/sec)

We though in branch location could be normal because of client connects to DLO databse in central location, but if it is in this way, why can we configured remote locations?

So we don't know what is bad. Any help will be aprecciate. Thanks