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Very slow backup rate from vSphere Hosts to Media Server

Created: 23 Jan 2013 | 3 comments


We have recently upgraded from Backup Exec 2010 R2 to 2012. After the upgrade we found that the backups of our VMs from our ESXi 4.1 hosts to the local disk on our media server are running at about 180MB/M.However backups of files in a VM with the backupexec agent installed are backed up at over 1200MB/M. Also backups from a physical server to the media server are in excess of 2000MB/M. 

A few things to note about our current enviornment.

  • All hosts are running ESXi 4.1
  • All hosts are connected to shared storage at 10Gbps
  • All hosts are connected to a shared switch at 1Gbps
  • The media server is on a dedicated server and is connected to the same switch as the Hosts

Any idea of what may be causing this really slow speed? I have been speaking to the symantec support staff but its been going no where.

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have you tried playing with the registry keys mentioned in this technote. See if this helps (this is applicable for BE 2010 and 2012)

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Have you also tried disabling the read write buffers to see what is the job rate you get.

You can also test a backup using SAN/NBD (ensure to take a non GRT backup with BE coz VCBMounter will do a vmdk backup) using VCBMOUNTER.exe (its a part of VCB). VCBMounter is a part of VCB and is provided by vmware. When you test the backup with this and compare it with BE you would know if BE is the culprit or there is something in the environment that is causing the slowness.