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viewmessage.asp restore button

Created: 08 May 2013 • Updated: 02 Sep 2015 | 10 comments
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Currently when I click the restore button for an email I am presented with a dialog that has 3 fields:

Microsoft Exchange Server:


Folder: (This is read only and currently only allows restoring to the 'restored items' folder)

1. Is there any way to auto populate the Microsoft Exchange Server field with a value as the end users aren't going to have a clue what to put in there...

2. Auto populate the Mailbox for the username that is accessing the viewmessage.asp page

3. Allow the user to either select a folder or restore to the original location (If these don't exist then restore to 'restored items' folder)



Operating Systems:

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AndrewB's picture

if you access this from outlook it will auto populate that info for you

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

spiker's picture


But I can't access this from outlook as I am hooking into this asp page from a custom search solution.
If I could somehow replicate the code used by outlook into this page it would be perfect.

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as far as i know, the parameters are pulled from the EV client passing on in the link when accessed from within Outlook. if you want to figure it out you could query EV's sql for the attributes you're looking for.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

spiker's picture

I am not sure you can include the parameters in URL for this particular asp page  (haven't test this though)

However if we could include some custom code behind the 'restore button' action to auto fill these details that would be a solution.
Are you able to modify the code behind the restore button?
If so please do pass on your details as I may have some work for you (trace3) :)
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Interesting, is the search app going to let you view an archived item (using viewmessage.asp) and restore an item, then?

spiker's picture
yes, exactly
It all works very well but the process of restoring is a little non user friendly.
Although the first time you manually fill in those details a cookie is created and it works automatically after that (but I still want to avoid that first step)
Rob.Wilcox's picture

You should be able to include the parameters in an .asp call such as:


Easiest way to find the values for mbx, and server are to do an Active Directory query to get the Exchange Server name and the mailbox alias... maybe?

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Yes, I have been researhing this more today

the viewmessage.asp appears to call restoreo2k.asp
(although I am not sure where the actual code for the 'restore button' click action is??? as this would be the ideal location to include code to get the exchange server name and mailbox of the user)

When you click that restore button it first appears to check a cookie to see if you entered the details before.
If you haven't then it loads /EnterpriseVault/viewmessageoptions.asp?dialog=1&noviewer=1 for you to enter them manually (pretty useless for an end user as they won't know what values to include).

The code in viewmessageoptions.asp seems to suggest if you have single sign on these values may be auto populated? (see below), Is it your understanding that single sign on will auto populate the values? if so how do you enable SSO?

//Check for sso, in which case we only allow restore's to the given mailbox.

bSSO = false
sExchangeMailbox = Session("SSO_ID")
if sExchangeMailbox <> "" then
bSSO = true
sExchangeServer = Session("SSO_EXCHSVR")
end if
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The source code.. you can view as they are just asp files on the enterprise vault server.

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Is there anything else that you need with this issue?