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Virtual IE and Security Patches

Created: 06 May 2014 • Updated: 22 May 2014 | 2 comments
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Given the out-of-band security patch release for IE (MS14-021), how does one add that to a virtual IE package that was built off the ldf supplied by Symantec?  Is it necessary to keep up on patches for virtual IE packages?  If not, can someone explain further?



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As long as a layer is active, an update can be installed to the base for it; however, you have to remember that as soon as the layer is reset, then it will lose association with that update which means that it will need to be reinstalled.  This is OK if you are using a patching product as it will detect that the system is vulnerable and will then remediate the situation.

The only other way would be to include the update within the layer itself.  This is easy if you use SWS, as you just need to upload the source layer and then all cient will download just the changes made to it; however, if you are using a software deployment product to rollout the layers, then you will need to deactivate and delete the existing layer so that you can import and activate the updated layer.

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