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Virtual Machine IPs are Removed during VMware Restore

Created: 03 May 2013 | 8 comments

Hello, I am running NetBackup, VSphere 5.0. I restored a VM on 1 May to it's original location and was able to authenticate to the domain upon restore. Yesterday I restored another VM to an alternate location and attempted to logon and was unable to because the machine lost it's NIC settings during the restore. I then restored another VM to it's original location and was unable to authenticate to the domain because the NIC settings were set to a private IP during restore. I can't seem to find a trend. It leads me to wonder if NetBackup up capturing the vmx file so it can restore the machines settings. The only guidance I found on this pertains to VCB and we are using VStorage. Has anyone successfully resolved this issue.

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When restoring are you powering on the VM and also restoring the NIC connections?

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I do not select power on after restore.  I think that I am restoring the NIC connections I select the applicable NIC when restoring to an alternate location.  I'm not certain if this answers your question.

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So your powering on manually? Are you doing SAN backup SAN restore?

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What O/S are the VM's you are restoring?

Just wondering if it is caused by the MAC address needing to be changed after restoring Linux machines to alternate locations?

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Mark, I came across a thread in the VMware community  that suggested the same thing for Windows 2008 R2.  Someone suggested that windows thinks it has a new physical NIC because the MAC changes and therefore wipes the IP.  They suggested documenting the generatedAddresss form the .vmx prior to restore and edit the new .vmx upon restore.  I don't have permissions to these files so I was trying to ensure that nothing could be done from a NetBackup perspective.  I'm running a restore now to its original location.  I think I'm going wrong at the network connections menu.  I select the PROD PG-301 (see attached) as this is the network that the majority are on when I verify on the summary tab in VSphere.  I just noticed that there is a box for select all?

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Using vmxnet3 as the VM nic hardware and Windows 2008 R2 then you need to follow this kB article to install a MS hotfix.
Cloning or restoring a VM like this will enumerate a new Mac address nic and you lose IP config.

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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