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Virtual Machines

Created: 23 Mar 2010

Hello. I have a VMware Virtual Center server. I was unable to connect to it, so I installed the RAWS32 locally (copied the folder from the server where i run BE).
I ran the "setupaa.cmd", filled in the IP of my backup-server in "Publish" and made sure the service had started. Now in BackupExec, I see the same server
two times. I see the Virtual Center server appear with its IP and then a second time with its hostname. I tried stopping the service I just started, but that doesn't
prevent it from appearing two times in the list of VMware machines. I can log into one of them (the IP-as-name one). How can I remove the one that doesn't work,
and how do I know which one is running. I guess someone else must have "pushed" the remote agent onto that computer or something.

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