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Virtual machines showing as physical in BE2012

Created: 17 Jun 2013 | 5 comments

Hi All,

Am hoping someone can help.

We have a relatively new installation of BE2012 (latest service pack and patches). We have the VMWare agent licenced and installed along with the Windows agents on the actual VMs.

I have added the ESX server and run a backup with GRT enabled.

The backup finishes but the individual VMs are listed as if they are physical servers instead of VMs. This obviously in turn means that GRT recovery is not possible on the servers. The backup completed successfully but with the warning about GRT and I can confirm that I can restore the entire VM.

I have searched these forums and found that adding the ESX via its IP and not its FQDN can be an issue but it is not helping me out.

Any assistance much appreciated.

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Hello JS IT,

What version of VMware are you using?

It might be the order in which you agent was installed on the machine.  For GRT and the writers to work correctly take these steps: delete the virtual servers that are showing up as physical machines , run a backup job of the host and then reinstall the Agent on the servers. 

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        Have a look at the job log and see if it says that GRT was enabled in the backup job. You may also want to configure a test restore job and see if your able to view the restorable data granlularly. Be advised when you place the remote agent on a machine backup exec sees it a physical box, this is why youre seeing the VM's as such. This doesnt meant that the ability to backup and or restore granularly has been lost. Ill DM you my contact informantion, if you would please email me a copy of your job log for review. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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Thanks for the replies and apologies for the delayed response.

I am using 5.1 (I know, questionable "consultants" left us with this unsupported version) but it did originally add the machines as VMs and performed GRT correctly. The servers just seem to have gradually changed to physical at some point.

I have tried your suggestion of changing the order (i.e. uninstalling, running a backup and reinstalling, including VM tools) multiple times but they are always added as physical.

Donald, I senty you the logs as requested. I have quadruple checked that it (GRT) was enabled and there is the exception in the logs showing where GRT cannot be used on the non windows servers so Im pretty certain it is selected.

I can confirm that I cannot do granular restores from the backups (selecting the vm and choosing restore).

Correct me if Im wrong but you do need the raws agent on the VM to perform granular restores dont you? I originally did it without and got the cannot access metadata error.


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Wow, Backup Exec 2012 is just soooo random.

Setup two servers yesterday and they are showing as virtual machines and GRT file recovery is working perfectly, the other still are not... Smae setup used for all.

Where the GRT is working it randomly just doesnt backup and quiesce the SQL database on there.

Come on Symantec, get your finger out and release R2 so I can get some support on my (now 4) issues that are piling up!