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Created: 20 Nov 2012 | 1 comment


I have been trying without sucess to create an image of Windows XP with SP3 using the Ghost Solution Suite (newest release). I have created an image of windows 7 with this same machine, but since I put XP on it, it doesnt seem to work.

From the console (On a windows server 2008 machine) I execute the task and everytime without fail I get an error saying "Cannot create virtual partition"

I have tried multiple things like installing different drivers with the boot wizard and playing around with different settings.

Any ideas why this wont work?



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For the sake of completeness, can you confirm that you have version ?  That is the latest release available through LiveUpdate.

When you put XP on the machine that formerly had Windows 7 installed, did you remove all the partitions? Win 7 has a minimum of two partitions, including a small hidden partition of around 100Mb.  If this hidden partition is not removed, then you may be referencing the wrong partition when you try to image XP.

Also, are you using DOS or WinPE as your virtual boot environment?  I will assume WinPE as DOS has no support for modern hardware such as SATA.  The version of WinPE supplied with Ghost requires VISTA 32 bit drivers, as it is based on the Vista kernel. This is irrespective of the operating system you are trying to image.  In addition, you need to add the appropriate SATA drivers for your machine's SATA chipset to ensure that the virtual boot environment can access your hard disk.

Finally, if your machine happens to use the 82579 NIC chipset, can I suggest you search on 82579 in this forum to view past postings and get the right drivers for this chipset, which causes more problems than any other.

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