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Virtual Server 2003 machine being flagged as "Physical" in BE2012

Created: 12 Mar 2012 • Updated: 12 Mar 2012 | 8 comments
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Some of the jobs aren't completing properly due to an ESXi 5 guest 2003 Server not being tagged with the "Blue Window" indicating it's virtual. I've removed/re-added the agent, still shows the same thing. VMWare Tools ARE installed on the VM, and are the same version as my other VMs that are properly identified.

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Did you install the RAWS in the VM AFTER you have installed VMTools?  If not, re-install the RAWS again.

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Yes, RAWS was installed last (and uninstalled/re-installed as well).

What does BE2012 look for in identifying whether or not a machine is a VM?

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I have similar issues as well.

out of my 10 vm guests, 2 of them dont show they're virtualised.  one is windows server 2003 and the other is windows server 2008 r2. both have vmware tools and be agent installed.

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I have the same issue, 2 of my 2008 R2 servers show up as Physical, yet both are virtual.

The one server that shows up as virtual, has no issue with snapshot / file GRT, however I cannot seem to get file GRT with the other 2. I'm wondering if this is any indication of an underlying issue.

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Hi Shane,

For your virtual machine which are shown as Physical please can you remove all the virtual machines & then please add them from ribbon next to ADD whic ADD vmware were enter the name of ESX or Vcenter & then check if that helps.(BUt before doing this once remove all the virtual machines from BE Console)

Also attaching the screenshot for same




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Adding an ESXi server is not a problem, i can successfully add that (you cannot use that VMWARE server option to add a ESX guest)

However, after adding the ESXi server, I wish to add the virtual guests and have backup exec regsiter these guests as virtual machines (show up with blue icons). 

Currently i have 2 servers showing up as physical (that are virtual) and 1 server showing up as virtual (which is correct). 

All 3 of these servers were added at the same time, all have had RAWS reinstalled.

See the attached screenshot.


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Are you backing up those machines through the VMware agent or the regular remote agent?

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I have the same symptoms exactly.  I back up through vmware agent.