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Virtual Vault Sync complete, but not

Created: 13 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

Hi, I'm using Exch 2010, Outlook 2010, EV 10 SP2.  I was doing a pst client side migration of about 137,000 items into a vault.  The PST completed, the migration message was sent, a sync was completed, and the results in the Details tab of EV Add-in showed the content cache contained 137,000 items (we download all items to the cache, and the cache was much larger than the archive, so no restriction there).  Both Header and content were displaying Complete as a status.  So, I clicked on a few emails in the Vault, some displayed ok but a lot gave an error in a yellow banner saying "There was a problem opening the item, try again later".  Clicking on another item, then going back to it displayed the message.  Logging of the client showed it was downloading the item in the background.  A few hours later I could not replicate the issue so looks like the sync did complete eventually.

Is this a feature of the add-in that it says syncing is complete but really it isn't?  If it is an issue, can this be looked at for future releases?

Also, I've noticed when deleting items the sync says complete, but then the number of items in the content cache starts getting lower - would be nice to see how many items require deletion and not have a status of complete when clearly it's still being modified.


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I've noticed that a lot,when it says complete but still has items to download, you then close Outlook and re-open and it starts syncing again, usually it occurs on large archives

Have you tried logging a case with symantec at all?

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No, I haven't logged a case but I think I will, just to get it on the radar to be addressed.  Thanks JW.

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Good luck with trying to reproduce the behaviour ;-)