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Virtual Vault - Synchronization archive types

Created: 09 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

We have users that need the option to see the virtual vaults of mailboxes other than their own, if they so choose - specifically for the ability to see the historical calendar items in a useful way.  This requires the Vault Cache - Synchronize archive types to be set to something other than the default.  However, it appears that the EV Outlook Add-In treats the empty header cache files (.mdc files) as open PST files - regardless of whether or not the user has decided to actually synchronize any of them.  (

We have some users that do have permissions to many conference room/resourse mailboxes - all of which are archived.  This causes the Outlook memory contraint and eventually crashes their session.

Can anyone propose a way around this limitation, other than the "solution" in the above link, while we wait for a fix to the way the Add-In treats these "available" but not synchronized virtual vaults?

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ZeRoC00L's picture

What is your Outloook version ?

If it 2003/2007 you can try to set the registry key UseLegacyCacheSize to 1, see: found in the article:

It's more a limitation in outlook (open PST files) then EV.

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I thoroughly disagree.  If a user has need of permissions to many mailboxes - and by definition the vaults - Outlook should not crash.  It is the code within the EV Add-In that should be changed such that it does NOT "open" all the EMPTY MDC files to which a user has permissions but has NOT chosen to display nor synchronize.

By the way, we have a mix of Outlook versions (2003-2010)

The last sentence of the article linked above says it all:  "If you have an application which for some reason needs to open a large number of PSTs, I would consider designing it not to need all of them open at the same time. Only open the PST when you need it and unload it immediately after."

Ben Heymink's picture

I've been thinking about this, and to the best of my knowledge there is no (EV) supported way of achiving what you are after I'm afraid. If you have modified your Desktop policy to sync all the archives available to the user, then that is exactly what our add-in will attempt to do, leading to the Outlook instability you are seeing.

The only thing I can think of while you wait for an official fix (have you got in touch with Symantec regarding this issue?) is to implement a custom HTTP module that can intercept client requests to one of our web pages (ListArchives.aspx) and modify the returned XML from that page request to strip out the archives you don't care about. Obviously however this route requires you to get 'down and dirty' with some code, but here is a link that describes roughly how to do it.

I'm sorry I can't think of a more friendly way of achiving what you want, but I'll continue to think about it and see what I can come up with!