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Virtualizing IE and Firefox

Created: 21 Feb 2013 • Updated: 21 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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A member of our Workspace Virtualization & Streaming Group recently contacted me asking these questions and would like to ask if members of our community could help answer them. Thanks in advance!

1- Can I run a virtual version of IE8 and an installed version of IE8 (physically on the machine) at the same time ? (I've tried it but the virtual layer launch the physical IE8)

2- For Firefox, I want to execute on the same machine two virtualized version (the version 17 ESR and 18)

3- Finally, I am looking for a way to change the language of my virtual layer IE7 under Windows XP.

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Hi Andy,

With regards to Q1.  Yes this is possible as the VIE layer installs to 'C:\Programs Files\Internet Explorer 8' as opposed to just 'Internet Explorer'.  The user could invoke the use of the BSO (Browser Selector Object) to configure which sites run through the base layer and which through the Virtual Layer.  Or use Shortcuts to the respective iexpore.exe's.

Have to ask why the user would want this setup in the first place :-)

Hope that helps.

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Hi Wadders,

Yes you are right
it's weird !!!! but the customer wants a virtualized version of IE8 with JRE1.6 and an installed version (IE8) without JRE, and when I run the virtualized version it takes the
parameters of the installed version (for example Homepage ...)


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Q3 - Currently we only have IE7 WinXP LDFs for English and Japanese. Here is a link to table of Virtual IE LDFs  Virtual Internet Explorer Browser Catalog