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Virtualizing IE8 and default home page

Created: 29 Oct 2010 • Updated: 12 Nov 2010 | 9 comments


I'm using SWV (6.1 SP4) to create a virtual Internet Explorer 8 layer.  Actually, I am using the layer provided in this very helpful connect article:

Obviously, this is a stock installation with no customizations.  What I am looking to do is to provide a default home page (startup page) to all users of the layer.  By exporting the user settings, I am able to get this to work successfully but only for the currently logged-in user.  Once I log in as another user, the changes don't stick.  Does anyone know of a way that I can have this default page configured for any user that I deploy the layer to?

Many thanks.

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look up setting IE8 Group Polices (GPO), this would be how you'd do it.

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Hi Jordan,

I am familiar with how to do this through group policy.  Unfortunately, this is not an option for us in this particular example.  I'm interested in embedding the setting within the layer itself.

Thanks, though.

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GPO is a registry key, you can easly get it inside a layer by execing the GPO manager from the layer or by capturing it.

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I was able to do this using a new reset point.  The key was to make sure to export everything to the default user settings- there is a checkbox for this when you create the reset point.


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You can also do this by updating the layer.
When updating the layer, start cmd.exe.
In the command prompt, start iexplore.exe.
Make the default homepage and close the internet explorer.
Close the command prompt.
Your layer will now have the required homepage as default.

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Perhaps the LDF Extender will help here too?


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LDF Extender is currently catoring towards IE6, so there are most likely settings in IE8 not covered here. If all you are looking to do is add a default home page, you can use the same process to unpack the files and just add that entry manually.

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Did you plan to create a version of your tool for IE8?

It will be very usefull.



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All user customisations of IE are held under HKCU. Once you have identified the exact key involved, you just need to add it to the default user profile in the layer. You should find that the Start Page registry key will be located under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\  so just make sure this key and value are in the user profile that all users inherit when the layer is activated.

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