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Virus definitions and security updates for linux

Created: 12 Feb 2013 • Updated: 12 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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I'm unable to download virus definitions and security updates for linux on not listed in the product selection drop box. where can i download them. Please help

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Download from here:

Unix platform is at the very bottom

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Here are the steps:

1. Obtain the Intelligent Updater from one of the following locations:

Look for a filename ending in (for example,

Look for a filename ending in (for example,

This is a statically named file that is updated with each daily release of definitions.

Note: The file download via HTTP is typically faster than FTP. The current size of the file is just over 300MB.

NOTE: The .SH file needs to have Executable permissions. To accomplish this, execute the following command:
chmod +x *

2. The script must be executed as root or by using sudo; if it is not, the following error will occur.

  • $ ./
    Validating available tools...

    ERROR: Require write access to /opt/Symantec/virusdefs/incoming.
    There are several methods to meet this requirement.
    1. Run this script from the root user account.
    2. Add the current user as a member of the "avdefs" user
    3. chmod 777 for /opt/Symantec/virusdefs/incoming.
    We recommend either of the first two options for security reasons.

3. Uudecode and uncompress must be installed. These can usually be installed by installing the Sharutils package. In some instances, you may need to install the ncompress package as well.

Note: If you get an error referencing either utility, please run one of these commands as root or by using sudo to install them. The command to install sharutils may be different than those listed below, depending on the distribution and version of Linux being used.

  • up2date sharutils
    yum install sharutils
    apt-get install sharutils
  • up2date ncompress
    yum install ncompress
    apt-get install ncompress


How to update a Linux-based computer with Intelligent Updater definitions

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Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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Hi Wizzy,

"Thumbs up" to the above.

Those Intelligent Updater files are good for virus definition remediation or for clients that are very far out-of-date.  There are more effificent ways to update SAVFL clients on a day-to-day basis, though: this article may be of interest...

SAV for Linux: A (Somewhat) Illustrated Guide Part 3

With thanks and best regards,