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Vista Remote installation error (50): Service: Error opening Service Manage

Created: 01 Mar 2007 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments

Im running GSS 2.0 on a Vista machine; Attempting to install the remote agent to a few machines in my domain.

I choose the machines, put in correct credentials and start the install; It goes about halfway through then fails with the following errors

Failed to install:

\\PC (50): Service: Error opening Service Manager

This is happening only on a few Vista machines, all the XP machines went through fine and a couple Vista boxes as well.

Any ideas>?

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I also confirmed the Firewall was disabled on the Vista machine, if that matters

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Hi Chris,

This problem appears to be a Windows Vista bug/as designed security feature(?).

You will also get this error if you try to use the computer management mmc plug-in to remotely connect to the client from your console machine.

The conditions required to get this error are as follows

  1. The client machine must be running Windows Vista and joined to a domain
  2. Console machine must also be running Windows Vista.
  3. An identical account (same user name and password) must exist on both the console and client machine.
  4. You have to perform the RCI operation when logged in as the identical user account on the console machine. (This is not necessary on the client machine.)
  5. User Account Control (UAC) must be turned on.
  6. Windows Firewall must be disabled on the client machine. (RCI operation completes successfully if the firewall is turned on and "file and printer sharing" is added to the exceptions list)

To solve your problem, all you have to do is remove any one of the conditions above.

The quickest ones will probably be

  1. Change the password of the administrative user that you are logging into the console with, as long as it is different to the same user's password on the client machine.
  2. Login to the console machine using a different administrative user. Make sure the the above restriction is also met.



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Logging into the console under the domain administrator account worked; I was able to push the remote install to the client.