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Vista sysprep registered orgranization

Created: 30 Mar 2009 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 2 comments

Can anyone let me know what the proper method is for capturing a Windows Vista image with Sysprep so that the Registered Organization is not stored in the image?  In Windows XP, the process was to set the RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization registry values to (blank) before running sysprep, and capturing the image.  Is this still the same method for Vista?  I attempted this method in vista, however I received an "error parsing sysprep file" when I deployed the image.  Thank you for any advice you can give!


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You could create your own answer file with Vista using Windows System Image Manager that is installed when the WAIK is installed.

The following is from a msdn blog that shows u how to do this:


Steps to create the answer file

  • Copy Install.Wim (2GB) from vista DVD to the technician PC.
  • Start "Microsoft Windows AIK - Windows System Image Manager".
  • Select the Install.Wim file from the "File - Select Windows Image" menu.
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Thank you Nelo.  I am familar with building a sysprep answer file, I am currently using one for our vista image.  The issue that I am running in to is that even though I am specifying the 'RegisteredOrganization' in the answer file, it is not getting properly set when I deploy the image.

Instead the previous 'RegisteredOrganization' that was on the source computer at the time of capture is still set.  This was the case in Windows XP as well, which is why you had to clear the registry entry for 'RegisteredOrganization' before capturing.  I tried to do the same thing for Vista, but then my Vista setup (based of the answer file) broke.  "Error parsing answer file"