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VM list is not updated in Test/Edit credentials in the backup job

Created: 09 Apr 2013 | 10 comments

In our environment, I add VMware vCenter in the server list in Backup Exec 2012 in order to do VM backup.Several backup jobs are created to connect vcenter to do VM Backup. The backup jobs was ran succesfully for a long time.

When editing the VM backup job and click "Test/Edit Credentials" button, the list of VM is not updated. Some VMs were deleted for a long time ago but this VM is still shown. For example, VM name is "backup_test". Please find  attached file.

How to update the VM list in Backup Exec 2012? 

Do I need edit SQL DB to solve this issue?

Do I must remove vcenter form server list and add vcenter again to update the server list? If I do that, all existing backup jobs related to vcenter will be deleted.

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Use this KB -

Please ensure that you backup the BEDB before running the steps outlined in the KB

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Hi VJware,

Accord to the KB you provided,  I cannot find InterName colume in step 5.

Step 5) Find the server desired by inspecting the InterName column

Step 6) Note the ServerID for this server

Which server do I need to inspect? Deleted VM? vCenter?

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Deleted VM..

If you are unable to locate the specified column, would recommend to log a formal support case.

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 But I can find InternalName column.  I think this is typing error!

Which server do I need to inspect? Deleted VM? vCenter?

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I tried to edit BEDB. Open table "dbo.ResourceContainer" in the Object Explorer.  I cannot find the deleted VM by inspecting the InternalName Column.

Then I tried to find exiting vCenter server by inspecting the InternalName Column. Note the ServerID for vCenter server. Open table "dbo.Resource". Select all of the rowss that match ServerID of vCenter server.

Next, select vcenter in Backup and Restore tab and then select "Test/Edit Credential". Click 'Test All' in the Test Credentials dialog. Now all the resources can be newly discovered and deleted VM entries is not found now. The VM list is updated now.

It can pass to Test Credential to vCenter datacenter. But expand the datacenter. But it fail to test Credentials to fail on Virtual Machine. I am sure that the right of logon account is correct because this account was used to backup VM.

test credential.png
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Verbatim from Admin Guide ~

You cannot test credentials for virtual machines, but the job runs if you provide the correct credentials. If the job fails, you may need to retry the job with different credentials.

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The backup job  can back up virtual machine successfully. But I do not know why the test credential failed.

The logon account was created according to Symantec KB TECH129645.

Also , I will use domain admin account or local admin account in vCenter as Symantec logon account. These accounts have "administrator" role in vCenter. But the test credential still failed.

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I opened Symantec support case. He replid me that only solution is ignore this message now.

Wait for hotfix to solve this issue. Please refer to the following KB: