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VM Restore

Created: 08 Mar 2012 | 2 comments

Do we need a VM machine if we wanted to restore vm image. can some one share VM restore complete procedure please.

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I assume you are talking about VM of VMware.
Just follow the procedure described in NetBackup for VMware Administration Guide Chapter 9.
You don't need to create VM before. VM is created automatically while recovery.

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VMware restore procedures: overview
Individual file restore
The following restore procedures are supported.
■ One-stage process: restore individual files to the virtual machine by
restoring to the backup proxy. The VMware virtual machine drives to which
restores are to be directed must be configured in one of two ways:
■ The virtual machine drives must be shared through the guest operating
system on the virtual machine.
■ NetBackup client software must be installed on the VMware virtual
See “Set up NetBackup Client Service for restore to a shared virtual
machine drive” on page 21.
■ Two-stage process:
1, Restore individual files from the VMware backup proxy server to a
NetBackup Windows client (not to the virtual machine).
See the NetBackup Backup, Archive, and Restore Getting Started Guide on
how to restore to different locations.
2, Manually copy the restored files to the Windows virtual machine.
(NetBackup does not perform this step.)
Full VMware virtual machine restore
The following restore procedure is supported.
Restore all virtual machine files to the VMware backup proxy server, which is
used as a staging machine. Then do one of the following:
■ Let NetBackup issue a VMware-provided script to restore the virtual
machine to a designated virtual machine server. The virtual machine files
are then removed from the staging machine.
■ Use the VMware Converter application on your own to restore the virtual
machine from the staging machine to the virtual machine server.

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