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VMs backed up (full) on 2 seperate datastores within hours

Created: 26 Oct 2012 • Updated: 31 Oct 2012 | 2 comments
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We have been doing offhost backups for years. Running No issues until yesterday. Each policy using auto queries such as

vmware:/?filter=Cluster AnyOf "managedIP" AND ESXserver AnyOf "bwvm4poclab","bwvm3poclab","bwvm1poclab","bwvm2poclab" AND Datastore Equal "MIP_SAN_LUN0" AND NOT Template Equal TRUE AND Powerstate Equal poweredOn

Yesterday, all the VMs did full backups within a couple hours of each other but on different datastores, which is not possible because we have none of the auto-magic anything licensed. No failover occured, there was no maintenance going on, nor any storage vmotion yet the VMs appeared to NBU as residing on different LUNs at almost the same time, so, they all did double full backups during the backup window. I only keep the query results for a day, and nothing changed on the backend which can explain this bizarre behavior. Anyone seen this or know how this is even physically possible?


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Not seen anything like that before - NetBackup would ask vCenter to create snapshots of each before the backup so unless vCenter created snapshots on both Datastores or for some glitch reason belived they existed on both datastores I don't see how it could happen - worth going through all the vCenter logs though as it should log exactly what it is doing snasphot wise during the backups

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No clue as to how this ever happened, but only appeared once.