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Created: 17 Sep 2013 • Updated: 02 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
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I inherited NBU and to backup vmware machines was using the FlashBackup-Windows as the policy type. I have since upgraded to NBU and continued to use the same policy. I now was going to create a new policy for some vmware machines and noticed a VMWare policy type listed. I had not noticed this before in NBU It might have been there. I went through the 7.5 Netbackup Admin Guide - VMWare, but I am still not clear. Should I change over to the VMWare policy type or keep on using theFlashBackup-Windows policy.? What is the advantage of one over the other? What would be a simple way to convert my Flashbackup-Windows policies to VMWare poilicies?

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Functionally, they're almost identical. You get application level parameters in the VMware tab, but everything else is there, just nested on its own tab.

NBU included a utility to convert.

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Thanks. this is most helpful

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You dont actually need a utility to convert - just open the policy and change from Flashbackup-Windows to VMWare  - it warns you about the change and that is it - it keeps all of your settings

There are actually a few differences between the two - the biggest and best being that you can select "Media Server" as the VMware Backup Host rather than a specific server. This allows you to use storage unit groups when backing up VM's and so do not need a policy per VMware backup host any more.

It also allows you to exclude diskless VM's and exclude boot or data disks

So there is quite a lot more functionality with the VMware policy type

Hope this also helps

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