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vmware and hyper V backups question

Created: 24 May 2013 | 3 comments

Currently my manager is using PHD express to backup our VM to a NAS.  This software will backup a full image, but will also let you restore all the way down to a folder/file.  Problem is once the NAS is out of space the backup is gone, and we are talking close to 100+ VM server and over 12+ TB of info.  So we are looking at ways to get this NAS to backup to tape "Or just a way to get this to tape".  We don't need to use the PHD/NAS if there is a better way to do this.

Before the PHD express We where running Netbackup 6.5.5. on these but we where not able to do a full image backup, and had to install netbackup on each server.  We ran into a lot of issues not being able to restore, not having the space, or the tape drives where always busy.   We have since solved that with a TS3310 with 10 drives, and a new IBM ProtecTIER with 36TB if space.

Currently we have upgraded to and I see there is a vmware and hyper V backups for VM that we would have to get a license for.  But I wanted to know if this would be able to backup a full image/snapshoot of the server as it is and be able to restore the full image, and then be able if needed to restore just at a folder/file level?

Master/Media Windows 2008 Running on a new IBM server

Netbackup Version

Tape Library is a IBM TS3310

Tape Library/VTL is a IBM ProtecTIER 36TB

so in short I guess I am asking if this new VMware/Hyper V can do a full/ image,and a file/folder backup, or is there othere suggestions out there.

Thanks you.

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Yes you can backup a full VM image and restore at file level.

Hope this helps below:

VMWare Admin Guide NetBackup 7.5

Page 16

NetBackup 7.5 backs up the entire VMware virtual machine as virtual disk files. The backup includes all data files as well as operating system files and VMware virtual disk files. From the backup, you can recover the guest OS and the entire virtual machine. Depending on the type of backup and the guest OS file system type, you can also recover individual files from the same backup. 

Hyper-V Admin Guide NetBackup 7.5

Page 11

  • Can restore the full virtual machine or selected files.

  • Can restore selected files from a full virtual machine backup. 

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^ Thank you that was what I was looking for. So really it is two products not one.

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Read the administrator guide is the test way to answer you question.