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VMWARE backup

Created: 03 Oct 2013 • Updated: 09 Nov 2013 | 4 comments
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Just encountered a problem recently.

Configured a vmware backup, we  backing up a VMWARE host server (using Netbackup Previously the backup was successful, the last time the backup run it has an error. During backup the VMware backup the VMware Host unexpected shutting down. We tried to run the backup several times, the VMware host keeps on shutting down, everytime that the backup triggered. I requested to check also issue to VM vendor to check on the VM side. What seems to be the problem why the VM host keeps on shtutting down everytime the backup run.


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the last time the backup run it has an error

what was that error?

when you say VMWare host shotdown.. does it ESXi host?

how many parallel VMs backups you are running on each this ESXi host?

what is the Version of the ESXi host?

at what level the host is rebooting? at the time of snaphost creating or anyother time?

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Do you have enough space on your store for the System state to take a snap? running to DD4200, duplicating to 2x DD670 running to 3x 5230  

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Identify the correct component that is shutting down...

If you are saying the ESXi host (that is hosting the Virtual Machine that you are backing up) is shutting down (eh!) then go to the Tasks & Events tab in vsphere client and note who or what and when is executing a shutdown.

Similarly if it is the Virtual Machine you are backing up that is shutting down again go to the Tasks & Event tab of the VM and see what or who is shutting it down and other events around about it.

Or is it the NetBackup for VMware Backup server (what used to be called your Proxy) that is handling the backup of your VM that is shutting down. This in most cases is a Windows Server.

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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I solve by deleting snapshot backup that was created during backup. Snapshot is corrupted that why everytime wa take vmware host backup suddenly shutdown.