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VMware backup speeds SAN

Created: 29 Oct 2012 • Updated: 29 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

Hi All,

I've added a large VM estate to my backup enviornment. I am on NetBackup and backing up my VM's across the SAN. I am backing up 5 at a time at the moment, and using a query based client selection. I backing up 1 ESXi host at a time, but for the active jobs i am seeing around 12mb/s each, totalling a max of 60mb/s for 5 combined jobs.

I've seen this tech note however i dont think this is the case as my SAN backups are not that slow, however across the Network they are just as fast.

My policy is set to SAN, yet the job detailed status is showing the transfer type as black, yet when the job is finished it shows LAN. But whilst the backup job is running the NIC on the VM backup host are not utilisted.

Anyone have any performance improvement idea's for VM's?



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Hi Jay

Could you give us more insight of on how SAN based backups are configured for VM

There are certain pre-reqs which must be in place prior to offloading backup traffic to SAN otherwise it uses same LAN network to transfer backup data

Do you see Network utilization during backups are happening? If not

Do you see high utilization at Datastore level or esxi host level?

Check utilization at SAN port

Regarding transport type, it would be shown as LAN only despite data being transferred via SAN. SAN type would show up only in case of Fibre Transport media server and SAN clients

Refer admin guides for vmware on how to move backup traffic to SAN or check following thread