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VMWare Backups using SLPs & MSDPs

Created: 08 Aug 2012 | 2 comments

Running NetBackup, using Media Server Deduplication Pools, and trying to back up some large file servers that are VMWare guests.  When doing full backups to tape, it just takes too long.  Created an SLP to write to the disk pools, Set up the policy, but it complained about needing a Snapshot entry in the SLP.  The full backups wrote fine, however, the incrementals fail (status 27).  Here's what I'm trying to do:

  1. Write the VMware backups to the disk pools
  2. Then get duplicated to tape

We have very long retentions on these, so I know I can't keep them on the disk pool for their life span.  However, I can keep them there at least 2 weeks to take advantage of the deduplication.


  1. Should I use SLPs for this?  If so, How do I set it up, if it requires a "Snapshot" entry in it.  I've done the Backup with a Duplication step below it.
  2. How does the retention and the duplication to tape work with that setup?
  3. If I don't use SLPs and write to the disk pool directly, how does that get duplicated to tape, if at all?

It seems it would be pretty straightforward, but I'm running into little roadblocks constantly while trying to set this up.



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When you set up the SLP, did you select "Snapshot" as the first destination?  (Look at the very top of the destination dialog box, there is actually a drop-down that lets you choose between "Backup", "Duplication", "Snapshot", and "Import".)

If you are trying to perform a snapshot as the first step in the SLP, you must also configure the Snapshots in the policy's "Snapshot Client" properties.

If, however, you just want a regular backup, you need to change the first destination to "Backup".

Oh, and yes, SLP's are a good choice for this process.  Otherwise, you would need to use NetBackup Vault to perform the duplication steps, or somehow schedule them manually using cron/Windows Scheduler and the bpduplicate command.

Karlhungus's picture

I tried adding the "Snapshot" entry in my SLP, however, it errors with "invalid storage unit(1500)" when I try to save the SLP.  For the destination I chose my MSDP.

Do I still add a Backup and an indented Duplication below the Snapshot entry in my SLP?