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VMWare ESX 4 Discovery in SMP 7.1

Created: 25 Feb 2011 • Updated: 10 Mar 2011

Hi all:

I'm trying to discover a couple of ESX 4 test servers from the SMP 7.1, but I'm not able to get them discovered. From the SMP 7.1 machine, I can ping succesfully the two ESX machines.

I did run the wizard (Home / Discovery and Inventory / Network Discovery and, in the quick start actions, "Launch Discovery Wizard").

Here are the values I included in the wizard:

1.- Choose method of device discovery: Ping

2.- Enter network IP ranges: I selected "Include an IP address", and typed the IP address of each ESX

3.- Select device communication profile: I created a new profile in which I included the ICMP and SNMP protocols (in the SNMP comunity string, I typed the community configured in both ESX machines)

4.- Enter task name: I named the task :)

5.- Choose when to run the discovery: I selected the option for running now the task.

After this steps are finished, a new task appears in the Network Discovery window. It shows "Start pending" since a long time.

Am I missing any step?