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Vmware ESXi 5.5 VM Backup - Deduplication Option

Created: 14 Jul 2014 • Updated: 15 Jul 2014 | 7 comments
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Hello All;

I've BE 2014 and would live to backup my Vmware virtual machines by using deduplication option. Some of VMs are at remote site and some of them are at the same site with BE server.

When I create a backup job for VCenter in order ot backup a VM, job doesn't has a deduplication option for virtual machines. What am I missing?



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You cannot do client-side dedup with VMware hosts. You need to use server-side dedup

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...but there is no "server side deduplication" option...

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1. Have you installed the license for the dedup option and installed the dedup option?

2. If yes, have you defined them dedup folder?

3. If yes, you just target your job to them dedup folder and your backups would be dedup'ed

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#1>> No but installed TB license which covers all of them.

#2>> Yes I defined dedupe volume and I have been using it on several file servers. I can my file servers byy using client-side or server-side deduplication options without any problerms.

#3>> Sure?

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3. Definitely. Backing up VM's is no difference from backing up files, except that you cannot do client-side dedup with VMware hosts.

What are you expecting to do?

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Hi There,

There is no option for you to select whether or not you want to deduplicate specific backups, Deduplication is dependant on your storage destination of your backups,

So if you would like to make use of deduplication, click on the Storage tab in BE2014, click on configure storage and create a Deduplication Disk Storage device as a first step.

Once the above is complete, go back to your Backup and restore Tab, click add server, select VMWare Vcenter server or esx host and then specify your VCenter server with the correct credentials and complete all the steps.

Right click on your Vcenter server, select backup and then Backup to Deduplication Disk Storage, select edit under your backup schedules, click on storage on the left hand side and ensure that the Dedup Disk storage device that you created in step 1 is specified.

Just keep in mind that you can only create 1 deduplication disk storage device per backup exec server.

Hope this helps