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VMWare restore hangs when trying to select restore host.

Created: 21 Jan 2013
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Hi Guys

Master server nbu with two vmware 5 domains.

The one vmware backup host (proxy server) belongs to "A" and called "Proxy_A" and the other backup host belongs to "B" and called "Proxy_B".

We want to do restore tests for "A" useing restore / backup host "Proxy_A".

1. The individual file restore goes through successful - Restored a file from client "AA" to the restore / backup host "Proxy_A" and then manually copied it to the vm client.

2. The full vm restore fails when -  We select the "Full VM Restore" and from the next window we can either select "Alternate Location" or "Original Location". The next window comes up and on this window we should be able to select "restore host", datastore etc. but it never gives us access to this window and after 15 min, timeout. The bpvmutil log files shows that it is trying to get access and info from the other domain's backup / restore host "Proxy_B". How do we force the restore to only use it's own backup / restore host "Proxy_A"?



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