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Vmware Restore process for Exclude Boot disk and Exclude Data disk

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
HI All,
We have VM machines getting backed up by 2 policy .1 policy backups up the Boot disk with Exclude Data disk option ( Storage unit - MSDP )  and other policy backups the Data disk ( Storage unit - Tape Library )
While we have to recover the Full Vm we recovered the boot disk using 1st policy and it recovered fine .
But when we recovered the data disk with overwrite option with 2nd policy  , we were not able to boot the server .
Then we have to restore again the boot disk , then the Data disk vmdk with a diffrent name and attach data disk later with the orignal VM
And also tried restoring boot disk and then restoring data disk using file level backup
But that requires a lot of manual work . Can anybody suggest how we can restore the full data and what would be the correct procedure .
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Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

Data in excluded disks are not backed up, but NetBackup recreate excluded disks as empty while VM recovery.

You need recover VM from both backup to different name, then move data vmdk to VM which have been recovered from boot disk backup.

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