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VMware test query results does return nothing

Created: 20 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

I'm trying automatic selection of virtual machines but the query result always is 0 Included, 0 Excluded and 0 Failed. The xml files are present in the vmware backup host.

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If everything is zero then i am guessing that the credentials are not suitable as it detects nothing.

Have you added the vCenter under the Credentials section and the VMWare Hosts in the Master Servers Host Properties?

Can you use the browse option in the policy to add clients - this will at least prove that you have rights to vCenter

Tell us a little more about your configuration, version and query

Hope this helps

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and make sure VMTools are installed in those VM. It's a prerequisite.

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When i launch the policy it works well, the query selects the correct virtual machines. The problem is only executing the "Test Query" button.

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