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VMwareDisks error

Created: 03 Jan 2013 • Updated: 29 Apr 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I installed SVS 6.0.1 on my server and update VRTSvcsag to version 6.0.2. Then i configured VMwareDisks resource in

VMwareDisks VMwareDisks1 (
                ESXDetails = { "" = "root=ISIuJWlWLwPOiWKuM" }
                DiskPaths = {
                         "[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_1.vmdk" = "0:1",
                         "[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_2.vmdk" = "0:2",
                         "[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_3.vmdk" = "0:3" }

But after had started, the VMwareDisks resource is not probed with the error message:

Dec 28 01:19:42 rhel5104 AgentFramework[16962]: VCS ERROR V-16-10061-22521 VMwareDisks:VMwareDisks1:monitor:Incorrect configuration: The disk '[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_3.vmdk' has incorrect RDM configuration.


The Disk UUID is automatically updated in when hastart:

        VMwareDisks VMwareDisks1 (
                ESXDetails = { "" = "root=ISIuJWlWLwPOiWKuM" }
                DiskPaths = {
                         "6000C291-229e-4704-719c-2a66b8f21ad8:[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_1.vmdk" = "0:1",
                         "6000C29a-82d7-d365-a09e-68d37698afd9:[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_2.vmdk" = "0:2",
                         "6000C29d-0bd2-901d-5b95-24934b43144e:[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_3.vmdk" = "0:3" }

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weny's picture

The error is always indicated to the last disk, if i remove the third disk in, then the error will be observed on the second one, if i continue to remove the second one, and then the first one will fail.

weny's picture

Resolved. This agent doesn't support RDM.

Prasanna Kulkarni's picture

Clarification: The agent supports RDM disks.

Please refer to Soumya's reply to properly configure VMwareDisks resource when the disk is RDM.

I am curious to know how did you configure VMwareDisks resource? Was it configured through 'Application Configuration Wizard' , or was it configured manually through VCS CLI or VCS UI (like VOM)?


Soumya Sakha Tripathy's picture

If its RDM disk, then you should prepend the "RDM:" keyword in the vmdk path.

So, it should look something like the following:

"RDM:[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_1.vmdk" = "0:1",
"RDM:[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_2.vmdk" = "0:2",
"RDM:[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_3.vmdk" = "0:3" }

Later on, disk UUID will be automatically populated by the agent as follows:

"RDM:6000C291-229e-4704-719c-2a66b8f21ad8:[95_storage] rhel5104/rhel5104_1.vmdk" = "0:1",

Hope that helps.



Prasanna Kulkarni's picture

For more information, please refer to DiskPaths attribute under Required Attributes table at