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VNX 5300 NDMP local storage error

Created: 30 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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We have a problem with a NDMP backup using NetBackup 7.0.1, Backups to a media manager storage unit (through the network) have no problem and have good performance, but local backups to a NDMP media manager storage units (tape drive connected directly to a datamover using FC SAN connection) fails, on netbackup side there are no error logs reported but the job hangs trying to mount the media, in the device monitor the drive left in ACTIVE state but the never show the media or get the Ready State; looking at the logs on the datamover we can see this error message:
2012-11-14 11:16:09: NDMP: 3: Session 140 (thread ndmp140) Illegal CDB length (8) for TAPE_EXECUTE_CDB request for drive c32t0l0
We already set this directive: <install_dir>/Volmgr/database/NO_SIXTEEN_BYTE_CDB, but there is no change in the drive behaviour.
This is some information about the arquitecture:
NAS: VNX 5300 - EMC Celera File Server.T.
TAPES: IBM ultrium 5 (LTO5)
NetBackup Version: 7.0.1
We'll appreciate any help provided.

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This means NDMP data mover on VNX recieved 8 length CDB via NDMP_TAPE_EXECUTE_CDB request from NetBackup.

There are no 8 length CDB in SCSI standard so far, so it is possible that:

  • NetBackup throw illegal command bytes that is not supported.
  • VNX mis-recognized NDMP command from NetBackup.

You should open a case woth both Symantec and EMC. To judge which is wrong, You may need packet capturing of NDMP session.

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