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Volume-based licensing limit

Created: 25 Dec 2013 • Updated: 25 Dec 2013 | 7 comments
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we have NetBackup Enterprise server 7.5.x where from my understanding the licensing is based on the amount of space to be used. if we are to reach our limit, will it stop us from adding more policies/clients? or  there'd be some grace period to add more license?

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netbackup will not stop if you pass the limits of your license. (some restrictions apply to netbackup server only). But you have to buy the extra licenses.

Also the per TB model is based on the count of the actual data you are protecting (frond end TB) and not from the space they use at the backup devices.



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i'm referring to on FETBs licensing. what does " number of Front-End Terabytes (FETBs) protected by NetBackup" mean?

the keyword "protected" does it mean an assurance? anything beyond the licensed FETBs is not?

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Practically, it means the total amount of data you have at your storage..

The link you and I provide have an example of what front end TB means which I think is clear


  • Assume a device with 100 TB of total storage capacity.

  • A total of 65 TB of the total capacity is in use.

  • NetBackup protects a total of 60 TB of the used data through multiple backup storage units.

  • That is measured as 60 TB of front-end capacity.

The total terabytes of front-end capacity are independent of the number of copies NetBackup makes. A backup of 200 TB to basic disk with two copies to tape is still only 200TB of front-end capacity.

If the above example is confusing, lets say that

  • You are protecting with netbackup only one server with only  10TB internal disk.
  • The data on the disk are 7TB and you have 3TB free space. 
  • You have only one netbackup policy with file list selection. The files in the file list are in total 5TB. So you had left out of the backup 2TB.
  • After the backup you are duplication the backup to a second media server

The front end TB are 5TB

If you are protecting only the 5TB you have to buy 5TB license. If you later you need to protect all TB you have to buy 2TB more.  Netbackup will not stop you if you start to backing upo the other 2TB without a license.

BUT as I said in the beginning
front end TB practically, means the total amount of data you have at your storage..

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sorry english is not my native tongue that's why i ask.

so in effect, FETB licenses are nothing more just licenses. to be in the legal side. right?

technically if FETB license is only 10TB and i backup, for example, 100TB it will still work?

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yes and yes.

At least with all netbackup versions up to 7.6
Nobody knows if Symantec will change this policy in a future release.

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thanks for clearing this up :)

may i know where can i find (or get) this statement that the FETB license is protected (read: assured)?

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check these documents. May help you.


You need more informantion you have to contact  symantec sales team