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Vontu Network Discover

Created: 19 May 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

Hello to all,

I attended the Midwest DLP User Group Meeting in Chicago last week (05-14-09).  However, there wasn't a lot of discussion about Network Discover.  I was wondering if anyone is actively using this product or plans to implement this product.  We are in the testing phase at the moment, and I would like to know what other users are doing or plan to do.  Please e-mail me or reply here.  Thanks!

Alex Ferone
Progressive Insurance

***Edited to clarify Network Discover***

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Your post is a little confusing for your subject and the content do not match. Which product are you asking about?

Network Discover: Allows you to scan data repositories for content (File Servers/Shars, DB, Exchange etc)
Network Prevent: Integrates with an MTA or Proxy on the network to Monitor/Block Transmission of data over Email or Via the Web

Once you calrify that we can then answer your question.

Ronak Patel
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Sorry about the confusion.  I am asking about Network Discover.

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There are many different use cases for Network Discover. I will review some of the major ones that aour customers do. Keep in mind that each case depends on the type of data you are looking for.

1. Scanning of file servers and Repositories for specific Conetent (PCI, SSN, CCN etc) and making sure that this type of data is stored in the right place or is NOT located in a specific location. ie. There are no CCN in athe Public file Share, if it is move it to a secure location.
2. Archiving of files older than a specific date. This allow data clean up of files which are not in use. (Last accessed date)
3. Validating Audits. PCI audit, making sure that CCN or Mag stripe data is not located on file servers etc.

Hopefully this is helpful, the idea is to use Network discover to find specfic data and make sure its not exposed or accesablie by the wrong people.

Ronak Patel
DLP Product Management