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Vontu protect and protect_update OS Accounts

Created: 27 Jan 2011 • Updated: 27 Jan 2011 | 9 comments

hey does anybody know what's the default password for these accounts? I've looked into the official docs and none of them mention it.

thank you

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When you install the Enforce server you provide a password for protect, this becomes the same password for protect_update.

Do you know who installed the solution?  Ask them for the password

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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yeah, thanks for the response, but no clue who installed it, do you think is there any problem  if i reset it?

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I figure that if you reset them on the OS then you'll have to find some way to change them in the Enforce server. I'm not sure exactly how to do that short of reinstalling the whole thing indecision

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I don't believe that the passwords are used by the Enforce server.  I renamed the account on all of my servers without any impact.  All I did was rename the windows accounts and then change the service log on as properties.

If you happen to have an installer_debug.txt file on the servers, that may contain the password. 

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the protect and protect_account are used for the vontu services running on the enforce and on the monitors, when upgrading the process doesn't really asks you for those credentials so there is nothing to worry about.

if you happen to really need to change those passwords, you can do it on the enforce and then you will need to reset the password on the oracle server.

thank you all for your responses.


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How do we reset on the Oracle server side?  We are running Oracle 10g on Windows 2003 Server.

We are assuming the "protect" user account is an OS service account, use for running Vontu services and for discover scan.  What about "protect" Oracle user account which created from "oracle_create_user.sql" during the installation?  Thanks!

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These two Windows Accounts 'Protect' and 'Protect_Update' are not the same to the Oracle User 'Protect'. The first two users are used to run the DLP Services, and the 'Protect' on Oracle is used for the DLP Server to connect to the Oracle DB.

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Hi all,

After I successfully reinstalled the DLP Enforce server, I created 1 role (sysadmin) and 1 user (admin).  Now, I want to delete sysadmin role and user admin and got this RSOD, "The last role cannot be deleted".

How can I success delete this role?

Role-can't be deleted.JPG