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VPN Client, SGS 1620, dont know where else to better post this

Created: 13 Mar 2010 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
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First off let me appologize for posting in the wrong area. About 2 years ago, I purchased a SGS 1620 appliance from a party online via ebay, the license for subscriptions is expired by a long shot so downloads and support are a no go, but we still have the base license for FW, VPN, etc.  My question is, and also why I posted this in the wrong area, does someone know where I can grab the vpn client 9 zip from?  I recieved the appliance in a sealed box with securirty tape that was from Symantec for a refurbished unit.  It came with 2 used media kits, and one sleve for the VPN client, with out the cd. If an employee would like to view my license details I can PM them to them.  It just very irritating that I dont have download access for any software for the unit since the license expired, and it is no longer supported at all starting in late 2009.  I still  like this unit very much and would like to continue using it, have given up on finding new licenses, but am pleased with the availibilty to still run as a firewall and vpn appliance.

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Hello Adam, I tried to find a public repository for the VPN client but I cannot find anything. The software has been dropped a while ago, and I doubt that it will run properly on recent Windows Service Packs or Vista/Windows 7. The good news is that you can usually use any IPsec-compliant VPN client - either commercial such as Cisco, or Open Source such as Shrew Soft VPN Client for Windows from
Here is a link to a document that explains how to establish an IPsec VPN tunnel on your gateway security appliance:
As far as I know you cannot use the Windows VPN client, as it doesn't support IPsec. Therefore please try Shrew Soft VPN, as it appears to be compatible with many firewalls, and it is running on Vista and Windows 7 as well.
Hope this helps.


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Thank you so much, Ive been searching for some kind of answer for a long time.

Adam St. George
Bombshell Networks