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VSA on SQL server

Created: 06 Sep 2012 • Updated: 21 Sep 2012 | 6 comments
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hello there,

part of the EV requirement when you install EV or install SP or move SQL databases to a new SQl server it requires to have VSA (Enterprise Vault service account) to a be in a local admin on the SQL server during the install or any changes.

My question is  - does anyone knows why EV service account need this admin rights. Do we know what sort of process does on the SQL server otherthan having full access to the EV databases.

I am in the process of moving EV SQL datbases to a newly consolidated SQL 2008 server and our DBA team refused to give admin rights to the EV service account. they are worried that thsi admin right might do things all over on their SQl server.

Any ideas...!!

thank you

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Admin permissions on the SQL server are not required. But make sure to assign the proper rights in SQL.

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We generally ask for local admin rights since it makes it possible to "browse" to the data and log file paths when setting up the databases, but it is not required.

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During the install and config of EV, VSA needs local admin rights to SQL server in order to browse and specify the log and data locations (without this it will blank and you can't config EV). As WitSend mentioned already.

VSA also needs dbcreator within SQL in order to perform EV install and updrade, this is in order for VSA to make changes to the DBs etc.

Once the EV install and config are completed you can remove those rights above. Just need to put them back when you do upgrades etc. otherwise you will run into problems, once upgrades are done you can take them out again. People tends to leave them in as VSA shouldn't be used by anyone in the company but the EV administrator.

Hope that explains it.

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Just a question of interest really. Are you moving EV DBs to another SQL server than is hosting other DBs as well as EV DBs? So the new SQL server is a shared SQL server? If this a temporary then it's fine but if it's a permanent thing then it's not recommended. EV SQL server shoud be a dedicated SQL server for EV only.

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Yes we will be moving EV databases from one consolidated sql server to a newly Windows 2008 consolidated SQL 2008 server so it wil be shared with other none EV databases.

VSA has dbcreator and other SQL rights but our DBA team beleive there should not be local admin for this service account, they understand SQl rights but they are worried that thsi local admin right sdo things on the server that they are not aware of exactley what it does.

thank you guys for helping out this.

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You won't need admin rights, you can just manually put in the DB paths and it will warn you it can't verify them etc but will work fine