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VSFHA and Microsoft Cluster service on the same server.

Created: 28 Oct 2013 • Updated: 29 Oct 2013 | 5 comments
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I am using trail ware Symantec VERITAS Storage Foundation for windows 6.0.1 for the very first time. I am having issues understanding how to get VSFHA install with Microsoft clutter Survive. I already have created a two node cluster with Veritas Cluster Server(VCS) 6.0.1 and Microsoft Cluster Service install. I have install SQL2008R2 on the Veritas Cluster Server(VCS) and MCS running on the same server. All of the SQL resource has been create and failover is working fine. I just need a little help trying to get to the next level. I can’t fine any Microsoft documentation on how to unconfigure MCS so I can install VSFHA on the same two node that I have already have Veritas Cluster Server(VCS) for windows and MCS 2008 r2 running. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jharri523,

It sounds like you have VCS for Windows and Window Failover Cluster (MSCS) installed at the same time on the same server.  It is not recommended to have 2 clustering products installed on the same servers at the same time.

Windows Failover Cluster can be removed by removing the Failover Cluster feature via Server Manager.

A VCS for Windows cluster can be upgraded to an SFW-HA cluster by running the installation of SFW-HA on top of the VCS for Windows cluster.

If VCS is not installed on the server, then you can install SFW with its MSCS option to get dynamic disk support in the Windows Failover cluster.

Please let us know if this helps.

Thank you,

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I follow your instructed and install SFW without MCS option. Configure the Storage, then ran setup for SFW HA, and create the VCS cluster brought it online. Question, do I install SQL as a standalone on each node and use SFW HA to make a cluster?

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Hi jharri523,

There is no need to install SFW, then upgrade to SFW-HA.  You can install SFW-HA in one process.

Yes, SQL will need to be installed on each server as a standalone installation.  You should follow the Solutions guides for SQL to help with the steps needed to cluster SQL.  The solutions guides for the 6.0.1 product line can be found at:

Thank you,


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Just to reinterate Wally's comment above, I strongly suggest that one follow the guide, exactly.   Assume nothing.  The guide is quite complete and covers most use cases.   The actual steps for making SQL highly available are quite simple and came be accomplished in an afternoon, from scratch.  But, as easy as it really is, read through the release notes and the installation guide first, before typing one key on the keyboard.  I am not a SQL DBA.  I am not a Windows admin.   After readiung the guide,  even I was able to pefrom the install and confure successfully. :)


Clifford Barcliff

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When running SQL 2008 configuration wizard, an error is received: Error: V-16-13-3326 Failed to create a drive mount for the specified instance. A workaround to this issue would be to create the SQL service group manually.  Please note, however, that this service group cannot be modified with the SQL configuration wizard after its creation and will have to be modified manually. My question, to you how to create service group manually and where to do it from.