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Vstorage Incremental backups

Created: 30 Oct 2012 | 1 comment


I have read so much about various Netbackup/ESX/VMWARE versions and functionailty and just seem to get myself more confused at times. Hopefully You can help.

Environment Characteristics

  • Master - 7.0.1
  • Backup host/media Server - 7.0.1
  • ESX Server - 3.5 Update 1
  • Vcenter - 4.1 Update 2
  • VMX hardware - 4
  • VM attributes - Linux OS currently 2TB in size. (Due to be expanded to 8TB)
  • Policy attributes - Daily full backup
  • Netbackup Plans - Due to upgrade to in next 6-8 weeks
  • ESX Plans - Due to upgrade ESX to 4.x and VMWARE tools/hardware. (No ETA)
  1. My first question is would it be possible to introduce incremental backups with the above setup ?
  2. I believe you can run incremental backups, but without BLIB. Is there any downsides to introducing an incremental schedule as i,s or should we stay with fulls until either VMWARE/NBU is updated ?
  3. We have requested that the VMWARE team refrain from expanding the vm to 8TB until we have upgraded to NBU 7.5, as I understand that in 7.5 only the used blocks will be backed up. Where as now if they allocate 8TB but only use 3TB, the whole 8TB would have have to be backed up daily. (Again I suppose this also relates to whether an incremental schedule can be introduced.)
  4. Does 7.5 support non-BLIB incremental backups?

Would appreciate if you can give me some pointers if you don't believe we are approaching this in the right way.

Thanks and regards


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Stuart Green's picture

From your overview, I would put all your teams efforts into upgrading ESX v4 and VM hardware levels to vm7 get the best out of your backups, and from storage perspective.

Im sure the minimum requirement for vstorageapi was introduced at ESX 3.5 U2

Thereafter all your quandries from your questions are partially answered and irrelevant/possible.

FWIW No point in upgrading to NBU 7.5 get ESX upgraded to v4.

If got ESX cluster. Just vmotion all VM's off each ESX host and upgrade or flatten the ESX host with new install. Tell you ESX guys to stop putting you off.. Its hindering your backup environment.

This NBU 7.1 White Paper best practices is good reference material.

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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