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Vulnerability With PCanywhere

Created: 07 May 2014 • Updated: 11 May 2014 | 1 comment


I have pcanywhere plugin installed thru the Client Management Suite, however we have ran out of license so it will neither update or uninstall and the Network Security section of our local council has identified a vulnerability in the version which is 12.5.0 build 618.  I do however have a standalone package of PCanywhere where I have with the use of the Symnatec Packager been trying to create a package to over-rite the plug-in that was previously installed.  But because the pc has had the plug-in I am having no end of grief trying to get a package out there with basically the same functionality as the plug-in had.  I need it to have quick connect and not much more but this is proving very frustrating.  The package I created which I thought would work when it deploys and finds the previous plug-in it installs the full package which then gives the users a full console access to the rest of our department which I do not want.  The only way it works is when it does not find any sign of any pcanywhere have ever being installed.  I even included in the package not to keep previous settings and this did not matter either.  Any assistance /help with this would be appreciated before I go bald?

The version I now having installing after upgrading thru live update is 12.5.5 Build 1086 which means that it passes the vulnerabilty issue.


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