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‘vxdmppr’ utility information

Created: 14 Jun 2013 | 7 comments


With VxVM, we get ‘vxdmppr’ utility which performs SCSI 3 PR operations on the disks similar to sg_persist on Linux. But we don’t find much documentation around this utility. In one of the blogs we saw that its unsupported utility. Can someone throw light on it.

Has someone used it in the past? Or does anyone know how this utility is getting used in VxVM? 

How to know if this is supported or not?


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stinsong's picture

Hi testraf,

vxdmppr is a internal tool for Symantec engineer and it is unsupported.

vxfenadm is the supported tool to manage SCSI3 disk registrations and reservations within SFHA.

Usually, when the command or tool not document in man page, it is a unsupported utility.

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Thanks. Is there any tool to do PR if vxfenadm is not installed like in the case of only SF?

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which version of vxvm is being used? as mentioned above by stinsong, vxdmpppr as a standalone utility is not supported. In later versions of vxvm, vxdiskadm utility internally calls vxdmppr for some operations like dynamic reconfiguration -add/remove/replace of disks.

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I am using SF 6.x where I can see that vxdmppr is installed and I dont intend to use it as standalone utility, but in conjuction with SF.


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Yes, with 6.x vxdmppr is internally called by vxdiskadm for dynamic reconfig options (option 22) for operations with PGR keys during add/remove/replace luns or replacing HBAs

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Does that mean can also use in my product when it runs in conjuction with SF to do reservations? Would that cause any issues, assuming we will not do any option 22.

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No, the recommended & supported utility is vxfenadm. vxdmppr is internally used by other SF utilities for specific operations, and will not be supported outside of those utilities -like vxdiskadm.