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vxevac - what happens to original data?

Created: 02 Aug 2012 • Updated: 03 Aug 2012 | 3 comments
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When a vxevac has finished, what happens to the source data?

Is it still there, or is it zeroed?

I would need to know if we can zero reclaim this storage on the array.

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The vxevac command will move the subdisks from a source disk to a target disk. the operation involves creating a new subdisk and mirroring the data. After the o/p is complete, the old subdisk is removed and the new subdisk takes its name.

The actual on-disk content on the original disk (that was mapped by the subdisk) should still exist, though the space is now part of the disk group's free pool and is available for additional subdisks etc.

If you are reclaiming via Storage Foundaiton then you should be able to reclaim this space if the integration is supported for the array etc.



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Though Tony has given the crisp answer above which answers the original query, one thing about vxevac I would like to bring in attention,

vxevac assumes that there is sufficient space in the disk group for the operation to complete. If the process runs out of space, some of the volumes on the disk may not be evacuated ...

Also do have a look at the switches (commit / reverse)


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Sorry for my late reply, quality migration time takes up most of my day lately ;-)

Thanks alot for your answers, really helped!