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vxsnap create for SQL

Created: 04 Aug 2012 • Updated: 02 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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I try to get a VSS snapshots for SQL, but I have a problem.

This is my environment:

I have distributed 10 database on 2 volumes and the logs in another one.

E:\Database, with 5 database, size 100GB

F:\Database, with 5 database, size 100GB

J:\Logs_all_Database, with 10 logs for each database, size 50GB

I have 3 volumes for the snapshots with the same size.

If I take a snapshot for one database only this database quiesce, and get the snapshot with only one consistent database.

My point is, can i get a snapshot for all the volume with only the name of the SQL instance, and get the quiesce of all databases on that volume? or I need to separate databases in individual volumes?

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Please, any comments?

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VxSnap allows you to snapshot all volumes associated with an Exchange storage group, SharePoint components, or SQL database at exactly the same point in time without taking the databases offline. When viewed all together these snapshots form a snapshot set of the storage group or database. These persistent FlashSnap snapshots, taken through VSS, can later be used for either a point-in-time recovery or a roll forward recovery to point of failure of the storage group or database.

Your able to snapshot all volumes associated with the SQL database. Each database will have it's own instance

More details can be found at (Starting Page 616)

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I beleive what is being asked is if multiple databases on a volume can be quiesced or to snapshot multiple databases is it neccessary to put each databases on its own set of volumes.  I came across the issue in 5.0 probably about 5 years ago and was told by Symantec support that I needed to put each database in its own set of volumes.  As the 5.1 documentation still does not mention snapshoting multiple databases on the same set of volumes, I guess this is still not possible.

This is possible with Oracle because Oracle has its own command to quiesce databases so you just quiesce all databases, then snapshot volumes and then resume databases.  I believe with SQL, you need an API call to quiesce and resume database so it is not easy to do the manual individual steps to get a consistent SQL snapshot.


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