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VxVM and Storage Base Replication

Created: 14 Oct 2011 • Updated: 03 Oct 2013 | 4 comments
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I have situation where customer want to  replicate data over DR site  using storage base replication, and they have a Windows 2003 file server  running with Veritas Volume manager.  On file server they have a about 1 TB data volume consists of multiple LUN  from storage site ,than combine  using volume manager ( actually when they more space they add the LUNN from storage and expanded through VxVM). Is this possible if they do storage base replication  and they get the complete volume as it is (on DR site we also have  VxVM). Looking for quick response.

Thanks and Regards,

Muhammad Iqbal  

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Assuming that you are interested in a host bases solution (rather than an Array based), you can very easily incorporated Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) as the replication technology for your customer.  There are a couple caveats here to consider however:

First being that VVR is an IP based replication method and as such is only restricted by the bandwidth between your primary and secondary locations.  It's always a good idea to understand clearly what the Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives are for your customer.  This will help to guide you in how you establish and configure VVR.

Second, VVR is an additional license to the base SFW product. However, nothing additional will need to be installed -VVR is by default already incorporated in to SFW- but rather the option key will need to be applied.  There are some VVR bundles that can be more cost effective depending on the version Windows and SFW you are running.

There is a VVR sizing tool (VRAdvisor) that can be used to evaluate what the storage considerations and network bandwidth will be necessary to achieve your customers RPO and RTO.

Lastly, VVR is 100% storage agnostic and as such the number of luns or the type of array have no impact on the ability to implement VVR.  Even local storage is supported by VVR (as long  as it's in a VxVM diskgroup).

Hope this helps,

Joe D

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Hi Muhammad,

Array based replication will work fine with SFW.  The only thing that your customer needs to be aware of is that when they expand by adding more luns to SFW diskgroup/volume then they need to add this new lun to the Array's replication set so that it is replicated to the DR site.

From there as long as you have SFW on the DR site you will have access to the data once your switch replication to that site.  At most all you will need to do from SFW perspective is a rescan to see the new disk configuration before you import the disk group.



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One thing to consider when dealing with Array based replication vs. host based is that SFW by itself is not necessarily aware of the underlying Array technology (TrueCopy, SRDF etc) and Vice Versa.  When dealing with array replication, Symantec offers Enterprise Agents for VCS that will orchestrate the proper startup/shutdown sequence when dealing site to site failovers.  This however is only available with the SFW HA/DR version of the product.

By using SFW + Array based replication you will have to be cognizant of the 2 technologies independently when performing site failovers. I've seen circumstances where admins have inadvertently made replication changes on the array without first shutting down the application and deporting the storage (The SAN Team in this case was not in lockstep with the App team). It makes for some interesting cleanup work to say the least.

Good Luck,

Joe D

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Thanks to everybody for advise.